As social scientists, whether you are a graduate student or a professor, we must read. And we must read a lot. When we start a research, an earlier challenge is to do a quick literature search. There are so many books and journal articles published by various authors on the research question. What are the most worthy research on a topic we are working on? Which ones are worth reading? Given the fact that a typical journal article is 20-25 page long, spending an hour to read an article which does not help your research is frustrating. We sometimes wish that we knew in advance that whether that piece would help our research or not. It would be great if we have access to a short summary of 20-page long article. This is the idea behind the birth of SummaryHub.com long time ago. 

As two graduate students, we prepare summaries of journal articles and books we read. Then we decided to create an online platfom where other people can read our summaries and share theirs, if they have their own sumamries. SummaryHub.com can help you in many ways. 

READ: You can read sumamries of journal articles, books or book chapters. You do not need to register to read available summaries. It is totally FREE. 

SHARE: If you have your own summaries, you can upload them to the SummaryHub.com. In order to upload your summary, you can easily register for FREE and start uploading your summaries. 

DOWNLOAD: Users are allowed to upload the full article or the PDF version of the summarized work. When you read a summary, please on the bibliography section if the file is available for download. 

STORE: Data loss is a common risk each one of us faces. We run the risk of losing our summaries due to some reasons. SummaryHub.com can help you store your summaries so that you do not have to worry about losing them. Plus, you can access your summaries anywhere anytime. 

DISCUSS: With discussion forum of SummaryHub.com, you can discuss a certain work, share your ideas with people across the world. Let other people know what you think. 

If you have summaries of the works you read and would like to share them, we will be happy to see you among us. Please Sign Up to create an account and submit your own summaries. 

SummaryHub.com is an ongoing project. Please use the contact page to share your ideas, suggestions, and/or complaints.